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Toy Story Jealousy

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HAMM: Oh, boy. Will ya take a look at all those presents?!

MR. POTATO HEAD: I can't see a thing!

HAMM: Yessir, we're next month's garage sale fodder for sure.

We're surprised the birthday party guests can't feel the jealousy radiating from Andy's room. These toys are freaked out about being replaced, but also envious of all the big boxes coming into the house. What chance to little toys like them have against fancy new presents?

WOODY: You'd think they've never seen a new toy before.

BO PEEP: Well sure, look at him. He's got more gadgets on him then a Swiss army knife.

Woody is looking pretty green-eyed over this new Buzz Lightyear character and Bo Peep only confirms his fears. Of course everyone is fawning over Buzz—he's awesome.

MR. POTATO HEAD: Hey, a laser! How come you don't have a laser, Woody?

WOODY: It's not a laser! It's a...It's a little light bulb that blinks.

HAMM: What's with him?

MR. POTATO HEAD: Laser envy.

The laser isn't the only thing Woody's envious of. It's the whole package. This isn't looking good for Woody and Buzz's future relationship.

REX: Whoooa! Oh wow, you flew magnificently!

BO PEEP: I've found my moving buddy!

BUZZ: Thank... thank you all, thank you!

WOODY: That wasn't flying! That was... falling with style!

All the other toys are super impressed with Buzz, but Woody tries to bring everyone down to reality. It's not like Buzz can fly, right? Of course, Buzz does complete a successful "flight" around the room, which Woody does not like at all. This is probably one of the more famous lines from the movie. What Buzz did was falling with style, but the other toys only care about his style. Cue even more jealousy.

WOODY: In a couple of days, everything will be just the way it was. They'll see...they'll see. I'm still Andy's favorite toy.

Poor Woody. So deluded. Sure, Buzz might impress the other toys, but he won't impress Andy, right? Right?! (Wrong.)

BO PEEP: I know Andy's excited about Buzz, but you know, he'll always have a special place for you.

MR. POTATO HEAD: Yeah. Like the attic.

WOODY: All right! That's it![…] Listen, Lightsnack, you stay away from Andy. He's mine, and no one is taking him away from me.

This is just the perfect storm of jealousy right here. Bo is trying to comfort Woody, but Potato Head's not helping. Then, Woody makes himself look silly trying to bully Buzz into staying away from Andy. Like that's going to work. The kicker to the whole thing is that Buzz is becoming Andy's favorite…and he doesn't even care. Maybe that's what really eating Woody up inside?

BUZZ: I could have stopped him.

WOODY: Buzz, I would love to see you try. 'Course I'd love to see you as a crater.

Here, the other toys are watching Sid blow up that Combat Carl and Buzz is the only one who thinks to do something. Woody is pretty resentful here because not only does he hate Buzz for taking his place in Andy's heart, but Buzz also thinks he can help other toys. Woody never thought to do something like that. This idea will come in handy later.

WOODY: Will Andy pick me? "Don't count on it."

This takes place right after Woody finds out that Andy can only bring one toy to Pizza Planet. He asks the Magic 8-Ball what will happen and gets an answer that turns out to be true—that he doesn't like at all. That little 8-Ball is not helping Woody's green-eyed monster stay in check.

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