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Toy Story Summary

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Toy Story Summary

Six-year-old Andy loves his toys. But he doesn't love any toy more than Sheriff Woody, a little floppy-armed cowboy doll. Oh—and we should mention that Andy's toys can walk and talk when Andy's not around? They also have feelings. Lots and lots of feelings.

Woody and the other toys in Andy's room would like to keep getting played with, so they're pretty nervous when Andy's birthday rolls around and he gets a flashy new Buzz Lightyear action figure. Buzz doesn't seem to realize he's not a real space ranger, but makes friends with the other toys in Andy's room anyway.


Woody is clearly super jealous of Buzz, who Andy plays with more and more every day. One day, Woody overhears that Andy can only take one toy out to dinner with him at Pizza Planet and he tries to push Buzz behind the desk. He ends up falling out of Andy's window instead. #sorrynotsorry

It was an accident, but the other toys are not amused. When Andy has to take Woody to Pizza Planet, he also doesn't know that an angry Buzz has managed to tag along on the back of the car. Andy's mom stops the car at a gas station and Buzz and Woody have it out, but end up getting left behind in the process.

This is bad news bears, because a) it's tough for toys to move around on their own and b) Andy's moving away from his house in just a few days. Woody and Buzz manage to catch a ride in a Pizza Planet delivery truck, but accidentally end up going with home Sid, Andy's sadistic next-door neighbor who loves to blow up and burn his toys.

(Gee, we wonder why Andy's mom wants to move.)

At Sid's house, Woody watches as Sid tortures his other toys and tries to escape, but he can't quite get Buzz to go along. See, Buzz's finally figured out that he's a toy—he saw a commercial for himself on TV at Sid's house.

Buzz finally resolves to help Woody…but not before Sid tapes a rocket to his back and takes him out in the backyard to blow him up. Yeah, the timing's not perfect.

Woody manages to come up with a plan to free Buzz with the help of Sid's maimed toys. They scare the snot out of Sid by walking around and talking to him (and channeling The Exorcist just a bit for one last good scare), and then Buzz and Woody high tail it out of Sid's yard.

Unfortunately, they're just seconds to late to grab onto the back of Andy's car as it pulls out of the driveway to move. away. forever. The two toys rush after the moving truck and (after quite a few set backs, like launching into the air and almost being blown up) they wind up safely back in Andy's arms.

Aww, yay. We love a happy ending.

The next Christmas at Andy's new house, all the toys are way more relaxed. No one's freaking out about the cool new stuff Andy might get. That is, until they hear Andy's present is a puppy. Yup. Let's hope he has his own chew toys.

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