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Toy Story Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • We open on a little boy's bedroom where the kid in question is playing with his toys. He's moving them around and doing all their voices as he plays.
  • There's a whole town he's set up made out of cardboard boxes with a wanted poster featuring a mean-looking Mr. Potato Head doll. Dum dum dumm.
  • Suddenly, the Mr. Potato Head doll jumps into view and points a (toy) gun at some other toys and demands they open the safe (an adorable pink piggy bank) for him. Egads!
  • The other toys are frightened and when a Little Bo Peep figure tries to stand up to the Mr. Potato Head, he threatens to kill her sheep. Can't anyone save them?
  • Enter one Sheriff Woody. The boy tugs on Woody's pull cord and the cowboy tells Mr. Potato Head (also known as One-Eyed Bart) to "reach for the sky!"
  • Just then, Mr. Potato Head brings out his attack dog with a built-in force field.
  • Luckily, Woody has also remembered to bring his dinosaur who eats force field dogs. Touché, Sheriff Woody.
  • Sheriff Woody apprehends the villainous Mr. Potato Head and throws him right into jail…otherwise known as the baby crib.
  • The baby inside picks up the toy, drools on him a little, then smashes his head on the railing.
  • All in a day's work for Sheriff Woody.

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