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Toy Story Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Andy's upstairs playing with Buzz and Woody when his mom announces that they're going for dinner at Pizza Planet.
  • Woody overhears some troubling news—Andy's mom will only let him bring one toy. Who will it be? Woody asks a Magic 8-Ball and doesn't get such a great answer…so he tosses the ball to the side.
  • It rolls behind Andy's desk…which gives Woody an idea.
  • He calls to Buzz and tells him that there's a helpless toy that needs rescuing. Naturally, Buzz jumps into action.
  • Meanwhile, Woody goes over to R.C. (Andy's remote-controlled car) and uses the remote to drive the little car right into Buzz.
  • Buzz jumps out of the way just in time, but sets off a chain reaction. First, Andy's corkboard falls over, then it knocks into his globe and sends the Earth spinning towards Buzz. He manages to jump out of the way, but Andy's desk lamp gets bumped by the globe and spins around…knocking Buzz out the window.
  • Whoops.
  • The other toys rush over to window, but they can't spot Buzz. Did he bounce into Sid's yard? Oh, the horror. The horror.
  • Woody slowly backs away from the scene, but R.C. has something to say about the whole incident—this was no accident. Woody pushed Buzz out the window.
  • Woody tries to tell the other toys that it was an accident. He didn't mean to knock Buzz out the window. The other toys aren't buying it, though.
  • Mr. Potato Head deduces that Woody got rid of Buzz because he was jealous. He couldn't take the fact that Buzz might be Andy's new favorite toy. Hey, it's a pretty good motive for the crime.
  • The other toys attack Woody, but, just then, Andy comes back through the door. He's looking for Buzz.
  • Woody watches as Andy searches his room for his missing toy. Oh, man, Woody. What have you done?
  • Andy's mom tells him just to pick another toy, so he half-heartedly grabs Woody from off the desk. Well, at least the other toys can't attack him now.

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