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Toy Story Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Andy's mom pulls the car into the gas station and when Andy gets out of the car to help his mom, Woody sits up and starts to worry. How's he going convince the other toys not to kill him? The whole thing with Buzz was just a misunderstanding, right?
  • Suddenly, Buzz himself drops in through the car's moon roof.
  • This is great news for Woody. Andy's going to take them both back to his room and Buzz can tell all the other toys that the whole pushing-him-out-the-window thing was one big accident. Right, Buzz?
  • Not quite. Buzz is pretty annoyed: he attacks Woody and the two toys fall out of the car. They fight underneath the car for a minute until they hear Andy and his mom get back inside.
  • Then the car pulls away. This is bad. Really bad. Woody's trapped at the gas station.
  • Woody lashes out at Buzz (who seems to think being stranded at the gas station is just another stop on his space ranger adventures). Woody's lost: how's he going to get back to Andy's house now? Even if he did, Andy's moving in two days.
  • Buzz doesn't think this is his fault at all. If Woody hadn't pushed him out the window they'd still be safe in Andy's room.
  • Oh, no. It's Buzz's fault: he showed up and took away anything that ever meant anything to Woody.
  • Buzz isn't buying it. Because of Woody, the entire universe is in jeopardy. How will he stop the evil Emperor Zurg now?
  • This is the last straw. Woody loses it. Buzz isn't a space ranger. He's a toy. A toy.
  • Buzz doesn't believe him, and walks off. Woody couldn't care less. He's got to figure out how to get back to Andy's.
  • Ah, an idea pulls into the gas station. Woody spots a Pizza Planet delivery truck. That'll take him to where Andy is.
  • But, first, he needs Buzz to come with him. Woody can't show up back in that room without Buzz safe and sound. The other toys would not appreciate it. (And neither would Andy.)
  • Woody yells after Buzz to come along to Pizza Planet on the "space ship" he just found.
  • How can a space ranger resist? The two toys board the delivery truck and head off to Pizza Planet.

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