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Toy Story Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • The delivery truck arrives at Pizza Planet and Buzz and Woody sneak in through the front doors disguised as fast food wrappers.
  • Inside, Buzz is pretty impressed with this "space port" that Woody's brought him to. Buzz's looking to catch a space ship back to his home planet.
  • Woody has other ideas. He spots Andy and his mom pushing Molly along in the stroller and makes a plan to jump in the basket under the stroller.
  • But, while they're waiting for the stroller to roll past, Buzz spots a bigger space ship that's ready to launch and heads over to it.
  • Woody sees Buzz climb inside the space ship, which is filled with little green alien toys. It's a claw machine.
  • Woody climbs in after Buzz, but also manages to spot Sid playing on one of the Pizza Planet games. Uh oh. Not Sid the sadistic toy-killer.
  • Woody jumps into the claw machine and drags Buzz beneath the little green aliens to hide from Sid…who strolls over and puts a quarter in the machine.
  • Sid lifts out a little green alien toy with the claw. The little guy is happy to go. These little green aliens worship The Claw as a god, and are happy to have been chosen by him.
  • Once the little alien's moved, Sid notices that there's a Buzz Lightyear toy underneath him. Sid pops another quarter into the machine and lets the claw drop again.
  • Woody manages to open the door on the back of the machine to crawl out, but before he can grab Buzz, Sid's claw has hooked him. Woody tugs on Buzz, but the little green aliens stop him. Buzz has been chosen by The Claw. He must go.
  • Sid pulls up his Buzz Lightyear doll and notices that there's another cowboy doll attached to his leg. Double prizes. Sweet.
  • Sid take the two toys out of the machine and tells them it's time to go home and play. Gulp.

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