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Toy Story Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Back at Sid's house, things are…not going so great. Sid is "playing" with Woody…by burning a hole in his forehead with a magnifying glass.
  • When Sid leaves to get his Pop Tarts, Woody dunks his head in a bowl of cereal. This kid is awful.
  • Just then, Woody notices that Sid has left his bedroom door open. They can escape now. The two toys head towards the door, but Sid's toys try to stop them.
  • Buzz tries to shoot them with his laser, but that doesn't work. (because he's a toy). Woody uses Buzz's karate chop action on his arm to push Sid's savage toys back so that Woody and Buzz can escape into the hallway.
  • Out in the hall, Woody rushes down the staircase only to run into Sid's sleeping dog. You know: the one that likes to eat toys.
  • He backs up the stairs where he sees Buzz, who gets Woody to follow him down the hallway.
  • Unfortunately, Woody's pull cord catches on the stair railing and Woody's voice wakes up Sid's dog…who runs up stairs to investigate what's up. Wow, his teeth look really sharp.

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