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Toy Story Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • The opening credit roll and the song "You've Got a Friend in Me" (we think you've heard that one) plays as Woody and the little boy hang out together.
  • They pretend to rope cattle, ride cars, slide down the banister on the staircase, and Woody even goes flying across the room thanks to the recliner on the La-Z-Boy in the living room. When Woody lands, we see he has the name "Andy" written on the bottom of one of his shoes. That's the name of the kid.
  • Downstairs, Andy sees his mom setting up for his birthday party.
  • Andy asks if they can leave all the decorations up until they move to their new house… oh, this family is moving? That seems like an important plot point for later on.
  • Andy's mom tells him to go upstairs and get his little sister, Molly, out of the crib so they can get their party on. (That's the baby from before who drooled on poor Mr. Potato Head).
  • Upstairs in his room, Andy tosses Woody on his bed, and then goes downstairs to celebrate, eat some cake, and get some new gifts. Hmmm…

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