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Toy Story Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • In Andy's room, the other toys are playing Battleship when they hear Woody yelling from Sid's window.
  • Mr. Potato Head and Hamm call everyone over to the window, but Buzz isn't really feeling up to talking.
  • That's okay. Woody can handle this. He throws a string of Christmas lights across to Andy's window and the other toys catch it. Woody tells them to tie it onto something.
  • Hold on just one minute, Mr. Potato Head tells the other toys. Have we all forgotten what Woody did to Buzz?
  • No, no, no, Woody explains. Buzz is right here.
  • But, Buzz isn't biting. Finding out you're actually a toy is pretty tough on a space ranger's psyche. He tosses his detached arm up to Woody instead. Gee, thanks, Buzz.
  • So Woody grabs Buzz's arm and improvises. He moves the arm around, does Buzz's voice, and pretends that they're best friends.
  • Andy's toys aren't buying it. When Mr. Potato Head asks Woody just what exactly he's trying to pull, Woody accidentally reveals that Buzz's arm is detached.
  • This does not go over well. The other toys aren't convinced that Woody isn't a murderer and they drop the Christmas lights to the ground. Poor Woody.

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