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Toy Story Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Back inside Sid's room, Woody hears Sid's other mutant toys start to come out from under the bed. They're moving towards Buzz. Uh oh.
  • Woody rushes to defend Buzz from the cannibal toys, but they end up reattaching Buzz's arm instead. Hey, they're not cannibals after all. They just wanted to help.
  • Woody apologizes, but the other toys bolt under the bed. Sid's coming.
  • Woody tries to get Buzz to hide, but he's too depressed to move. Woody manages to duck under a plastic milk crate just in time.
  • It seems Sid's got a package. With a rocket inside it. Not good.
  • Sid looks around the room for some toy to blow up. Woody perhaps? Nope, Buzz Lightyear will do.
  • Sid tapes Buzz's back to the rocket…but, just then, lightening crashes outside. It's raining. Looks like the shuttle launch has been delayed.
  • But, tomorrow…well, that's another story. Godspeed, Buzz.

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