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Toy Story Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • At Sid's house, Sid is sleeping and Woody's desperately trying to get out from under the milk crate. But the toolbox on top is trapping him.
  • Woody tries to get Buzz's attention. Can a toy get some help here?
  • Nope. Buzz can't help anyone. He's just a dumb toy.
  • No way, Woody tells him. Buzz is actually a pretty awesome toy. Any kid would want him. In fact, he's a little bit too awesome. That's why Woody was so jealous of him from the moment he arrived. Why would Andy want to play with Woody when he's got Buzz?
  • As the sun comes up, Buzz realizes Woody is right. He hops on top of the milk crate and starts to push the toolbox off it to free Woody.
  • Buzz also notices the moving van has arrived at Andy's. They've got to move, and fast.
  • Buzz pushes the toolbox a little too far and it lands right on top of Woody. He's okay, but then…
  • …Sid wakes up.
  • It's launch time: Sid grabs Buzz (who's still attached to the rocket) and rushes downstairs with him.
  • Woody tries to run after him, but Sid's dog blocks the door.
  • What's a toy supposed to do now?

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