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Toy Story Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • Woody and Sid's toys are finalizing their plan. It's go time.
  • Two of Sid's toys walk into the ventilation system. There, one with legs and a fishing pole lowers the other ducky toy down onto the front porch. The ducky toy swings back and forth until he rings the doorbell.
  • When the doorbell rings, Sid's sister, Hannah goes to answer it. The bell also startles Sid's dog, who looks away from Sid's door as Woody releases a wind-up frog from Sid's room.
  • Sid's dog chases the wind-up frog down the stairs and out the front door Hannah's opened as Woody and the other toys load themselves on a skateboard and roll down the stairs.
  • The wind-up frog's caught by the ducky toy that rang Sid's doorbell and he's pulled back up to safety.
  • Woody and the other toys coast down the stairs and out the doggy door into Sid's backyard. Mission accomplished—well, almost.

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