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Toy Story Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • In Sid's backyard, Sid is about to light a match to launch Buzz's rocket when the toys move into place.
  • Sid notices Woody lying on the ground. How did he get out there? Well, maybe Sid can burn him to a crisp later? Sid throws Woody on the barbeque grill and puts a match in his gun holster.
  • Just as Sid's about to light the rocket, suddenly Woody's voice box says, "Reach for the sky!"
  • Sid tosses the match down and turns around. He goes over to Woody, who keeps saying random phrases until Sid picks him up and decides he must be busted.
  • Hey, who are you calling busted? Woody asks him.
  • Huh? Sid doesn't get what's going on.
  • Then, Woody clarifies. He's talking to Sid and he and the other toys don't like it when he plays so rough with them.
  • Suddenly, Sid's other maimed toys emerge from the backyard and form a circle around him.
  • Sid's freaking out pretty hard at this point. It's not every day that your toys start walking around and talking to you. And threatening you.
  • Woody tells him he needs to take care of his toys and play nice with them.
  • Finally, Sid can't take it anymore. He screams and runs inside the house where he tries to tell Hannah that his toys are alive. And in turn, she chases him upstairs with the baby doll in her hands. Hey, Sid had it coming.
  • Outside, the toys celebrate and Woody tries to get the rocket off Buzz's back, but he doesn't have any time. Just then, they hear Andy's van getting ready to pull off with the moving truck.
  • They've gotta move. Thanks Sid's toys—hope your owner doesn't torture you in the future.

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