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Toy Story Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • Woody and Buzz attempt to duck under Sid's fence, but Buzz gets stuck because of that huge rocket on his back.
  • Woody goes back to help him, but then they both miss grabbing onto the back of Andy's car. The moving van pulls away and the two toys start running down the street after it.
  • Unfortunately, Sid's dog (who's still sitting outside on the front porch) spots them.
  • Buzz and Woody manage to grab onto the rope on the back of the moving truck, but Sid's dog catches up with the moving truck and bites Woody's leg.
  • Woody tells Buzz he can't hold on and gets ready to let go, but Buzz jumps off the moving van and onto Sid's dog. The dog releases Woody's leg, but Buzz's left behind with him.
  • The moving truck stops at a red light, and Woody's able to crawl up and open the back door of the vehicle. Inside of what might be the least packed moving truck every in the history of moving, Woody looks through a few boxes of Andy's toys and finds R.C.
  • Andy's other toys can't believe Woody is back. They'll also don't quite understand why he's tossed the little car out of the back of the moving truck. The villainous murdering toy must be at it again!
  • Woody uses R.C.'s remote to move the car to Buzz and pick him up.
  • But, as the moving truck starts to drive again, the other toys attack Woody, not realizing that he's trying to rescue Buzz.
  • As the toys fight, R.C. and Buzz run through an intersection where they end up causing a pretty big accident that blocks Sid's dog from following them anymore. Well, that's one obstacle down.
  • Of course, there's still Andy's other toys. They finally get ahold of Woody and manage to throw him out of the moving truck.
  • Luckily, R.C. and Buzz catch up to him, and Woody uses the remote's turbo speed to catch up to the moving truck.
  • For the first time, the toys look out the back of the moving truck and see Woody coming at them with R.C. and Buzz. Suddenly, they all realize that Woody'd been telling to truth. He was trying to rescue Buzz. Whoopsies.
  • The other toys spring into action. As Woody and Buzz get closer to the moving van, the toys drop the ramp on the back of the moving truck. (It's seriously loud and sparks all on the pavement, but somehow the guys driving the moving truck don't notice this.)
  • Anyway, Slinky manages to grab onto Woody, but R.C.'s batteries start to run out. Slinky can't slink any longer, so he's forced to coil back into the moving truck and Woody, Buzz, and R.C. are left to watch the moving truck (and all their dreams) drive away.

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