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Toy Story Scene 28

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Scene 28

Scene 28

  • Okay, but no way is this the end for our hero toys.
  • Buzz has an idea. There's still a rocket strapped to his back and a match in Woody's pocket.
  • But, a passing car blows out the lit match and all seems lost until Woody remembers the reflection from the sun can burn things. He uses the reflection of Buzz's helmet to light the rocket.
  • And they light it. This is great! Kind of…
  • The rocket takes off really, really fast. It's enough to catch up to the moving truck and enough to lift Woody and Buzz off the ground. Woody manages to hold onto R.C. and toss him into the back of the moving truck as he and Buzz launch up into the sky.
  • Well, this is it. This rocket's going to explode and Buzz and Woody are gonna be blown to bits.
  • Not today, says Buzz.
  • Buzz presses a button to activate his wings and cuts right through the tape holding the rocket to his back. The rocket explodes as Buzz and Woody fall to Earth.
  • Sure, this looks scary, but Buzz manages to catch a gust of wind and soar towards the moving truck. Sure, it's not flying, but it is falling with style.
  • Buzz and Woody shoot past the moving truck and land right in the moon roof of Andy's car, which is right ahead of the moving truck.
  • Andy looks in the box next to him and sees his two favorite toys. They must have been there all along. See? Andy's mom knew he would find them eventually.

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