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Toy Story Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Woody steps up in front of a tub of Tinkertoys and speaks into a toy microphone to address the whole group of Andy's toys.
  • He reminds them, first and foremost, to pick a moving buddy. The other toys aren't super concerned, but this move is in one week and Woody doesn't want any toys getting left behind.
  • Woody's final announcement, which he tries to downplay, is that Andy's birthday party is today.
  • The other toys start losing their minds—Andy's real birthday isn't for a week.
  • Woody tries to calm everyone down. It will be fine. These new toys aren't going to replace them. No worries, people.
  • That's easy for Woody to say, Mr. Potato Head tells everyone, he's been Andy's favorite toy since kindergarten. But, Slinky sticks up for Woody. If Woody says it's all good, it must be. Okay, we're sensing some tension in toyland.
  • Woody reminds them that they all freak out about this every birthday and Christmas. It doesn't matter if Andy gets new toys or plays with them less. They're Andy's toys and it's their job to be there for him when the boy needs them.
  • Suddenly, Hamm sees birthday guests arriving…and they're carrying a whole lot of packages. Eeek.
  • The toys are panicking, so Woody agrees to send some little green army men downstairs to scout the situation. Everyone can calm down a little bit. Smart thinking, Sheriff. Way to take charge.

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