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Toy Story Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Woody sends Sarge downstairs with the other little green army men. They're on a mission.
  • The army men grab Molly's baby monitor and creep downstairs. It's a long and complicated mission getting past Andy's mom and the other birthday guests. There are even a few casualties. But, finally the soldiers make it into a houseplant.
  • Upstairs, the other toys are listening at the other end of the baby monitor for Sarge and his troops to radio up what presents have been opened.
  • Andy opens lots of presents—a lunchbox, bed sheets, a board game—but there are no flashy new toys to threaten the old crew. Phew.
  • But, wait—Andy's mom pulls a surprise present out of the closet. Everyone gets excited. Oh, no.
  • Kids are standing in the way so Sarge can't see what's being opened. The toys upstairs are in chaos and, in the confusion, they knock the baby monitor over and the batteries fly out.
  • Meanwhile, Andy runs upstairs to his room with his friends and his new toy. The toys rush to get back to their places as kids stomp up the stairs.
  • All his friends are super excited and Andy makes room on the bed by brushing Woody to the floor and putting his new toy in Woody's place of honor.
  • Ouch. That one hurt.
  • Andy's mom calls the boys downstairs for games and they all go running. Seriously, what is this fancy new toy everyone's so psyched about?

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