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Toy Story Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • The other toys come out from their hiding spaces to find Woody has been pushed off the bed and the new toy's sitting in his spot.
  • Woody's still trying to play it cool. Nothing has changed: he'll just go up and welcome to new toy.
  • Up on the bed, Woody see a shiny, snazzy new Buzz Lightyear, space ranger toy. Oh, boy.
  • Buzz starts to look around and press buttons on his suit. He believes he's crashed landed on a strange planet and his ship (his box) is destroyed.
  • When Woody finally says "hello" Buzz blasts him with his red laser light, which, of course, doesn't do anything except glow.
  • Woody welcomes Buzz to Andy's room and explains there's been a little mix-up. See, Buzz is sitting on Woody's spot on the bed.
  • The other toys crawl up on the bed and meet Buzz, too. They're seriously impressed with him. He's got all kind of cool buttons and lights and sounds. Woody doesn't have any of those things.
  • Buzz tells the group he's a space ranger who's crash-landed on their planet, but Woody corrects him. Buzz is a toy, just like all of them. It's not like he can fly like a real space ranger or anything.
  • Buzz begs to differ. He is not a toy. And he can fly.
  • Woody dares Buzz to go ahead and show them.
  • Buzz steps to the edge of the bed and jumps off. Instead of hitting the ground, he bounces off a ball and onto a racetrack where he zooms towards the ceiling and catches onto a little plane that's spinning around there. Finally, he lands safely on the bed.
  • The other toys are super-impressed, but Woody is annoyed. He tells everyone that that wasn't really flying. It was just "falling with style."
  • Buzz goes off with the other toys, but Woody tells us he's not worried. Buzz's reign won't last long. After all, Woody is Andy's favorite toy, right?

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