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Toy Story Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Time for a musical montage.
  • While the song "Strange Things" plays, Andy plays with Woody…and Buzz.
  • Gradually, Andy starts dressing up like Buzz Lightyear and hanging posters and drawings of Buzz up in his room. This is not looking good for Woody.
  • Even Andy's new bedspread has Buzz Lightyear on it.
  • If that's not bad enough, Buzz easily makes friends with all the other toys who obviously adore him and want to be like him. Sorry, Woody.
  • Woody is pretty peeved that he's lost his place in both Andy's heart and his room.
  • One night, when Andy's cleaning up his toys, he throws Woody in the toy chest and sleeps in his bed with Buzz.
  • Yup, Woody's pretty freaked out.

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