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Toy Story Change

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Change can be tough. And if humans have a hard time dealing with change, just imagine how terrifying it must be for toys. Inanimate objects have no control over their own lives. They don't know when they're about to be played with, thrown in a trashcan, lost, or sold at a garage sale.

Woody and the other toys in Toy Story deal with coming change in the best way they know how—by freaking out. Gradually, they learn that not all changes are bad. Some can even bring cool new roommates.

Questions About Change

  1. Do you think Andy's upcoming change of address is putting more pressure than usual on his toys?
  2. Why do the power dynamics in Andy's room change when Buzz Lightyear shows up?
  3. How is Sid forced to change by his toys? Do you think he would have ever figured out not to be a little jerk on his own?

Chew on This

The toys are right to freak out about every single change in Andy's world. After all, they're inanimate objects with no control over their daily lives.

Woody's more fearful of change than any other toy because he has the most to lose.

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