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Toy Story Identity

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Who are you, really? Sorry, that's a pretty weighty question and it might take you a while to answer. It definitely takes Buzz Lightyear a long time to figure out.

Buzz starts off believing he's an intergalactic space ranger…which sounds pretty impressive. But, he's brought low when he finally realizes he's just a toy. Woody also suffers from his own identity crisis when he loses his place as Andy's favorite.

And if the cast of Toy Story is having this hard of a time figuring out who they are then what chance do complicated humans have?

Questions About Identity

  1. Why do you think Buzz believes he's a space ranger right out of the box? Wouldn't he have memories of being made in Taiwan?
  2. How does Woody deal with his changing identity throughout the movie?
  3. Does being a toy really mean as much as Woody says it does? What do you think a toy's purpose is?

Chew on This

Toys are made to be played with by children and then discarded when those children get too old or bored of them. It's a pretty depressing thought actually.

Buzz is affirmed in his new identity when he realizes he does make a difference in the world—or at least in Andy's world.

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