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With his larger-than-life status as the "Master of Suspense" and maker of countless classics, Hitchcock has a huge cult following.We don't just mean geeks and freaks who show up for summer screenings of his films in art houses. We don't just mean techies who work on restoring his films for re-release, either. The Hitch cult has a cast of millions.

Check out the Hitchcock Wiki for proof. Vertigo has its own site specifically. You can spend days at the bottom of that rabbit hole. There's more Hitch trivia than you could ask for, and the Wiki's full of production stills and anecdotes about all phases of production.

Elsewhere on the wonderful web, there's The Hitchcock Zone, which collects blogs and other fan sites dedicated to the work of the Master. Their sheer number give you a sense of just how far Hitch's reach still extends.

The fan base reaches deep into the heart of academia. Hitchcock's films figure in some of the definitive texts of film studies, and multiple collections of essays like this one and this one gather some of the finest and most influential contributions to Hitchcock scholarship over the years. Feel like geeking out in the library? You'll have a field day. Don't worry: we won't tell.

Just be sure to leave your Mrs. Bates costume at home.

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