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Vertigo Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • In Scottie's apartment, Madeleine's fast asleep but wakes up startled when Scottie answers the phone.
  • Madeleine's naked underneath Scottie's covers; her clothes are drying by the fire.
  • Scottie tells her that she "fell into the Bay," and she believes him. She seems to have no memory of what happened.
  • As they talk, it's clear that he's already got it pretty bad for her.
  • Scottie calls Elster and says that Madeleine knows nothing about what happened.
  • Elster says that Madeleine is twenty-six, the same age Carlotta Valdes was when she killed herself.
  • During the call, Madeleine sneaks out of the apartment. Scottie goes after her, but can't catch up with her. She's vanished again.
  • Midge, waiting outside Scottie's apartment in her car, sees Madeleine leave and Scottie rush after her. Midge assumes something amorous has been going on.

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