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Vertigo Scene 13-14

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Scene 13-14

Scene 13-14

  • Scottie follows Madeleine. We know, we know: again. At least this time her destination comes as a surprise: she's headed for Scottie's apartment.
  • She leaves him a thank-you note. Scottie approaches and reads it in Madeleine's presence, then awkwardly suggests that the two of them spend the day together.
  • Madeleine agrees, and we're glad—we get a free tour of some of northern California's most beautiful spots.
  • They head south for a drive, ending up in Big Basin Redwoods State Park.
  • Here Madeleine goes into one of her trances. Her voice changes, and she points to a redwood with historical dates on it to show Scottie when she died.
  • When Madeleine comes to her senses, Scottie asks her what just happened, who was speaking through her. She refuses to answer and makes Scottie promise never to ask again.
  • Having left the sequoias, Madeleine and Scottie are now by the ocean, near big, beautiful cliffs, crashing waves, and cypress trees. It makes us think of Tiger Woods for some reason.
  • Madeleine runs toward the water, but Scottie saves her again.
  • Citing a Chinese proverb, he tells Madeleine that he's responsible for her forever, since he saved her life once. That's deep.
  • Madeleine gives a vague description of what happens to her—where she goes—when she spaces out.
  • The one specific detail that Madeleine provides comes from one of her dreams: she says she sees a bell-tower and a courtyard, what looks like a village in Spain.
  • Scottie says he wishes he could "find the key" that would make all the pieces of her story fit together.
  • Madeleine despairs, says she's mad, and rushes again toward the water.
  • Madeleine is a tad melodramatic.
  • This time, when Scottie catches up to her, he kisses her passionately, and the music on the soundtrack soars.
  • Scottie vows to stay with Madeleine "all the time."

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