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Vertigo Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • After a cut, we're in Midge's apartment, where Midge looks perky, even though she complains that Scottie has been out of touch.
  • Midge says that she has "gone back to [her] first love … painting" and that she's been working on a canvas that she plans to give to Scottie.
  • The painting turns out to be a version of the Portrait of Carlotta that Madeleine stares at so often. Instead of Carlotta's head, though, this one has Midge's; it's a comical Portrait of Midge.
  • Scottie says the joke isn't funny and storms out.
  • Midge berates herself for the gesture, which was just a clumsy attempt to win Scottie's affection.
  • Midge smudges the painting, then throws her brush at the window, calling herself stupid, stupid, stupid.

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