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Vertigo Scene 16-17

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Scene 16-17

Scene 16-17

  • In the middle of the night, Madeleine shows up at Scottie's apartment unannounced, saying she's had the dream about "the Spanish village" again.
  • Scottie suddenly recognizes the village from her description. It's not in Spain at all, he says, but just south of San Francisco: it's the old Spanish Mission at San Juan Bautista.
  • Scottie says he'll take Madeleine there, and that this will bring her nightmare, and Carlotta's control over her life, to an end. "When you see it, you'll remember when you saw it before, and that will finish your dream and destroy it. I promise. You'll be free."
  • When they arrive, Madeleine once again seems to be possessed by the spirit of Carlotta, no matter how hard Scottie tries to bring her back to the present.
  • Scottie and Madeleine kiss passionately and declare their love for one another.
  • Madeleine starts repeating that it's "too late," and she takes off in the direction of the Mission's bell-tower.
  • Scottie chases her but his fear of heights prevents him from reaching the top of the tower stairs.
  • We hear a scream and see Madeleine fall from the top of the tower onto a roof below.
  • In shock, Scottie descends the stairs and leaves the scene.

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