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Vertigo Scene 35

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Scene 35

Scene 35

  • When this scene begins, Scottie and Judy seem content.
  • They discuss where to go out for dinner and Judy proposes Ernie's, the restaurant where Scottie first saw Madeleine and where he took Judy out for the first time.
  • Scottie agrees but is startled when he sees Judy, who's still getting ready, put on a necklace that he faintly recognizes.
  • Judy asks him to help her put on the necklace, and when he gets a closer look, he realizes that it's the one Carlotta wore in the portrait of her he's seen so many times while he was stalking Madeleine.
  • He knows. How can he confirm his suspicions, though?
  • Without revealing his plan at first, he decides to take Judy back to the Mission, the "scene of the crime."

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