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Vertigo Scene 4-6

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Scene 4-6

Scene 4-6

  • Scottie's first day following Madeleine gets off to a slow start. He waits outside her apartment, then follows her to a flower shop.
  • Things get weirder when Madeleine takes her flowers to Mission Dolores, heading straight for the graveyard.
  • She spends a long time staring at the grave of someone named Carlotta Valdes.
  • Scottie's perplexed and keeps following Madeleine as she drives to her next stop, the Legion of Honor.
  • Madeleine sits in the art gallery and stares at an old portrait.
  • Scottie finds out the painting is called Portrait of Carlotta.
  • Madeleine's next stop is the strangest yet: an old hotel in downtown San Francisco.
  • Scottie watches her enter and open the windows of a room upstairs, but when he asks the innkeeper, she says no one fitting Madeleine's description is in the hotel.
  • The innkeeper says a Miss Carlotta Valdes does visit the hotel regularly, but today she swears she hasn't been in.
  • The innkeeper then goes upstairs to confirm, and lets Scottie see for himself that no one's there.
  • Madeleine has vanished, and her car is gone.

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