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Vertigo Scene 7-8

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Scene 7-8

Scene 7-8

  • Back in Midge's apartment, Scottie asks her whether she knows any local authorities on San Francisco history. He's especially interested in people who know about unofficial history, urban legends.
  • Midge mentions Pop Liebel, and together she and Scottie go to visit Pop's bookstore downtown.
  • Scottie won't tell Midge what he's trying to find out, even though she's dying to know.
  • At Pop Liebel's, Scottie and Midge hear Carlotta's story: a rich and powerful man loved Carlotta but never married her. She bore his child, but he "threw her away," which drove her mad and led her to kill herself.
  • Scottie still won't tell Midge what's up, but she guesses his secret.

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