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Vertigo Scenes 19-20

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Scenes 19-20

Scenes 19-20

  • Back at home, Scottie tosses and turns in bed.
  • A dream sequence shows vertigo-inducing spirals and other odd shapes. We see Scottie's head, wearing a stunned expression, floating free of his body, and falling fast. He wakes up terrified.
  • Next thing we know, Scottie's in a sanitarium, sitting and staring as blankly as Madeleine stared at Carlotta.
  • Midge visits Scottie, bringing him music and trying to charm him with conversation, but Scottie remains oblivious the whole time. He looks catatonic.
  • Midge visits the doctor in charge of Scottie's case, who tells her that Scottie's suffering from "acute melancholia, together with a guilt complex."
  • Midge offers the additional information that Scottie was—and still is—in love with Madeleine. The doctor says that this makes Scottie's case even more complicated.
  • Midge walks back down the hall, and that's the last we see of her.

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