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Vertigo Scenes 28-30

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Scenes 28-30

Scenes 28-30

  • At this point, the flashback ends. We see Judy change her mind and tear up the letter. She hopes she can get him to love her as the person she really is without revealing the story of "Madeleine."
  • Spoiler alert: dream on.
  • At dinner, the two are quiet, awkward. Scottie thinks he sees Madeleine at another table, even though he's there with Judy.
  • For Judy, this confirms both that Scottie still loves Madeleine and that he doesn't suspect anything.
  • Back at Judy's apartment, Scottie asks to see her again the next morning, and offers to take care of her. He tells her she shouldn't go to work.
  • Judy finally consents.

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