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WALL-E The Lido Deck

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The Lido Deck

Pool Party

Want to go to the most boring pool party ever? Hit the Lido Deck on the Axiom. There, all the people gather around the edge and… do nothing. No one swims. No one tans. No one tosses a beach ball.

They might not even know the pool is there because people can't take their eyes off the screen five inches in front of their face. John and Mary remark, "I didn't know we had a pool," when they see it.

Then, they do the unthinkable—they splash in it. For the first time, John and Mary are living, instead of just observing and consuming. A robot tries to stop them, saying, "No splashing. No diving," but they splash the robot, causing it to short circuit.

It's no coincidence that the Lido Deck is the location of the holo-detector, the device that will return the Axiom to Earth. The Lido Deck is the closest thing to Earth on the sleek, high-tech Axiom. The cool blue water would remind people of the ocean back on Earth… if anyone knew what the ocean was. Thanks to EVE and WALL-E, they're about to find out.

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