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WALL-E Director

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Andrew Stanton

Stanton by Me

Andrew Stanton, the director, didn't just drop from space like EVE does in WALL-E. By the time he directed WALL-E, he had written and directed A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo and written Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Monsters, Inc. (We guess superheroes and racecars aren't his thing, or maybe he needs a vacation day every few years.)

He had a co-director for Bug's and Nemo (John Lassiter and Lee Unkrich, respectively), but for WALL-E, Stanton flies solo.Those two movies both treat the familiar—the great outdoors and the deep blue sea—like magical new worlds, so it's no surprise that Stanton's imagination really flies when exploring the final frontier of space.

What sets WALL-E apart from other Pixar films—they all have a distinctive visual style—is Stanton's use of traditional camera techniques throughout, as though he's actually filming WALL-E himself, instead of animating him.

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