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WALL-E Music (Score)

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Music (Score)

Thomas Newman

Not to be confused with Randy Newman, the guy who just sings about whatever is in front of him, Thomas Newman is Randy's cousin. T-Newms also worked with Pixar on Finding Nemo (2003)and Finding Dory (2016). He originally got his start working with Stephen Sondheim, the Broadway guy behind Into the Woods, so Newman definitely knows how to balance drama and fun. 

WALL-E is like a mini space opera, and the score is appropriately dramatic to keep up with WALL-E as he zips from Earth to space and back again. But the soundtrack is also peppered with WALL-E's favorite musicals, like Hello, Dolly! In one memorable scene, WALL-E dances to one of his favorite parts of that musical. 

We've all been there. We only wish we had half as much rhythm as that happy little trash compactor.

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