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WALL-E John and Mary (John Ratzenberger and Kathy Najimy)

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John and Mary (John Ratzenberger and Kathy Najimy)

The Biggest Winners

The Biggest Loser should hold its next casting call aboard the Axiom, where there is no shortage of morbidly obesity to choose from. Besides the Captain, the only humans whose names we know are John and Mary.

John falls out of his hoverchair while trying to hand WALL-E a cup (humans here can't do anything for themselves). He waggles on his back like a turtle, and WALL-E puts him back in his chair.

WALL-E later encounters Mary, who wants to meet a man who isn't "so superficial." "There are no good men out there," she says, foreshadowing her eventual meeting of John. When WALL-E switches off her screen, she looks around for the first time, maybe ever, at the world she lives in.

Wait a second—given the way these humans never seem to interact with each other, where do babies on Axiom come from?

Anyway, because Mary and John stop staring at the screens in front of them, and actually looking at the world, they meet each other, and a cute little romance is born. They watch WALL-E and EVE dancing in space the first time they talk, a robot love story that mimics their own.

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