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WALL-E Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • The future meets the past as we zoom through space to the tune of "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello, Dolly! (1969) "Out there, full of shine and full of sparkle!"
  • The stars shine and sparkleā€¦ but the Earth doesn't. It looks kinda dead; like a big ol' dirt clod floating through space.
  • We zoom through a city made of garbage (Manhattan, is that you?) as the wind howls through the trash heaps.
  • A little robot wheels by, with the song playing from its speaker.
  • He scoops up some trash and squeezes it into a little cube. The insignia on his side reads WALL-E.
  • He carries the trash cube to a little pile, and is followed by a cockroach, the cutest cockroach you'll ever see. (i.e. the only cute cockroach. Ever. Sorry, Gregor.)
  • WALL-E finds a trash can lid in a trash cube, extracts it, and carries it away.

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