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WALL-E Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • The ship passes the moon, the sun, and some foreign galaxies before arriving at a massive spaceship—the Axiom. This ship makes the scouting spacecraft look like a toy.
  • It docks, and a bunch of little service robots show up to unload EVE. There's one little robot with a scrub brush, code M-O, that we totally need around the house. He puts the Roomba to shame.
  • He scans WALL-E, who is just covered in "foreign contaminant" but he can't scrub him clean enough.
  • Every time WALL-E takes a step, tracking mud all over the place, he has to clean it up.
  • A little scanner bot floats in, and when it scans EVE, everything turns green and she's carted away.
  • WALL-E manages to hitch a ride with the hovering robot gurney the robots strap EVE to, and he follows the best he can, tripping up dozens of robots on the way.

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