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WALL-E Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Following EVE, he passes a human male in a hoverchair. He can't believe it; he's never seen a person before. He gets distracted and loses sight of EVE.
  • Suddenly, there are hundreds of the fat humans on their robochairs, flying around, chatting on little TVs, and drinking sugary beverages.
  • When one big guy falls out of his chair, he can't even get up, but wiggles around on the ground like a fleshy tortoise.
  • WALL-E introduces himself, and the guy says his name is John.
  • But then WALL-E spots EVE, and he's after her again.
  • WALL-E has to get a lady named Mary to move to get closer to EVE.
  • When he accidentally disables her video screen, she acts like she hasn't looked around at her surroundings in, well, maybe ever.

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