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WALL-E Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Finally EVE reaches her destination: the captain's bridge.
  • Captain B. McCrea (who, going by the portraits of all the captains on the wall, is the fattest captain ever) is woken by AUTO, the robotic captain's wheel.
  • He's dressed and groomed by robots and carted up to the bridge on a hoverchair.
  • The Captain gives his morning announcements (even though he slept til 12:30) announcing today as day 255,642 about the Axiom. If we were good at math (and we are) we'd know that meant humans have been on this ship for 700 years.
  • Finally, AUTO lets the Captain know that "Probe 1" (that's EVE) has returned positive. She's he first one to ever do so.
  • The Captain pushes the big green button, and a video plays, announcing that EVE has a found plant lifeā€¦ which means Earth can be recolonized.
  • When the plant is placed in the ship's holo-detector, the ship will return to Earth automatically!

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