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WALL-E Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • During all this commotion, EVE has reactivated, so WALL-E rolls up and says hi.
  • She panics that someone will see him, so she hides him under the counter.
  • The captain reads the manual, and when he says, "Confirm acquisition" EVE is opened up and the plant is removed from her storage….
  • … but it's gone! Where did it go?
  • EVE thinks WALL-E took it, but when she frisks him like she's a TSA agent, she finds nothing.
  • False alarm! Everything returns to normal.
  • The captain orders "faulty" EVE be sent to the repair ward, and when she's carried away in a tractor beam, he spots WALL-E and shrieks.
  • The captain orders WALL-E be cleaned, because he's filthy.
  • After the robots leave, the captain has WALL-E's dirt analyzed, and he learns about Earth, his home planet that he's never seen.

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