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WALL-E Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • EVE leads WALL-E to an escape pod, which will blast him back to Earth.
  • He gets inside happily, but EVE isn't going with him.
  • He rolls outside of the pod and won't go back in.
  • Suddenly, the elevator appears, and the two robots hide.
  • The little GO-4 bot rolls in and deposits the plant—the plant!—inside the pod and programs it to blast off.
  • WALL-E goes in to get the plant, but ends up blasting off with the pod!
  • EVE ejects herself to chase after the escape pod.
  • Inside the pod, WALL-E sees that it's been set to self-destruct, like it's a message to Inspector Gadget instead of a rescue pod.
  • Before EVE can reach the pod, it blows up.

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