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WALL-E Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Back in the captain's quarters, he's still researching Earth, like how to farm, dance, and make pizza. Yes, please.
  • Meanwhile, EVE and WALL-E are trying to stealthily make their way back to the Captain's room.
  • WALL-E doesn't get the concept of stealth and plays a romantic song on his speaker for EVE. Thankfully no one hears them.
  • She hides WALL-E under a pile of towels and zips off up the garbage chute on her own.
  • In his room, the captain is playing with a toy Axiom and pretending he's humanity's savior, when EVE shows up with the plant.
  • The captain sticks a little device to EVE's head, which enables him to access her recordings, an entire history of EVE
  • What he sees—a dead planet—is even more disturbing than an episode of Black Mirror.
  • Seeing her own recordings, EVE watches how sweet WALL-E was to her when she was powered down. Awwwwwwww. (We don't have enough w's.)

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