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WALL-E Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Tired of being left by la piscine, WALL-E scales the garbage chute.
  • Up at the top, the Captain waters the plant in the little boot, and he decides that they have to go back to the Earth anyway.
  • However, AUTO seems to have other plants: "I insist you give me the plant." The robo-wheel doesn't want to go home.
  • When the captain orders AUTO to tell him why, he has to comply.
  • AUTO plays a message from the Global CEO of Buy N Large that admits that the clean up of Earth has failed, and humans will never return.
  • The message is almost 700 years old. The captain believes things have changed, and still wants to go back.
  • He looks at the captain's portraits and sees that AUTO has been running the ship for 700 years, and he decides to take back power.
  • The GO-4 bot shows up, takes the plant, and chucks it down the garbage chute before EVE can react.
  • Of course, WALL-E shows up right then with the plant on his head.
  • A scuffle ensues, and AUTO zaps WALL-E hard, dropping his powered-down body down the garbage chute.
  • Then he turns off EVE and dumps her too.

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