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WALL-E Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • EVE reboots, and she's in the ship's dump.
  • A voice announces, "Caution: activating airlock disposal." Um, this isn't good.
  • Giant WALL-E's, called Wall-A's (the A meaning Axiom instead of Earth) compact all the trash, and almost compact EVE and WALL-E with it!
  • EVE rescues them just before they get sucked out the airlock, but the door is about the close!
  • Suddenly, the M-O scrubber bot shows up and makes a beeline for WALL-E's filthy form.
  • His little head gets stuck in the door, which keeps it open long enough to save them.
  • WALL-E's circuits are fried though. M-O scrubs him, while EVE searches the dump for a replacement.
  • WALL-E wants EVE to fulfill her directive and deliver the plant, but she wants to save him.
  • EVE realizes that she can fix WALL-E if they're on Earth, so she races the plant back to the bridge.

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