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WALL-E Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • Blast off! The Axiom returns to Earth in no time, almost landing on the cockroach (remember him?)
  • The humans toddle out onto to Earth, but EVE blasts past them, carrying WALL-E.
  • She opens up his little house and frantically searches for a new circuit board and parts.
  • EVE repairs WALL-E with record speed, then puts him in the sun to charge.
  • Will it work…?
  • Will it?
  • He charges.
  • WALL-E returns… but he doesn't recognize EVE at all.
  • He stares at her blankly, his little binocular eyes not moving.
  • He doesn't even recognize his junk, or Hello, Dolly!
  • When he leaves, he rolls over the cockroach and doesn't even stop. (Where's the rest of that box of tissues?)
  • EVE pushes play on his radio, and just gets static.
  • But then… EVE holds his little robot hand in hers, hums a tune, and gives him a little zap.
  • When she hovers away, WALL-E is still holding her hand. He won't let go.
  • His eyes start to focus again and move around… and he blinks!
  • He remembers! He's back to normal! Yay!
  • Friends reunited—WALL-E, EVE, and the cockroach crawling all over her.

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