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WALL-E Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The next morning, his Solar Charge Level is mostly depleted, so he wheels around groggily, like us before our morning nine cups of coffee.
  • Outside, he charges to the max and is ready for another day.
  • On his way outside, he wheels over his little cockroach buddy, but as you know, that's not enough to stop a cockroach. The bug bounces back to life.
  • The morning is spent gathering junk—a paddle ball, a boot, a box with a diamond ring in it (WALL-E tosses out the boring ol' ring)—and building a foundation for a new building of rotting trash.
  • Inside an old refrigerator, WALL-E finds something he's never seen before—a plant! It's green and pretty (everything else is brown and dead), so WALL-E scoops it up and plants it in a boot.
  • After dropping the boot off at home, WALL-E gets distracted by a laser beam, just like cats used to before all humanity fled into space. (Sorry, pet lovers, but there aren't any kitties or puppies to be seen in this dystopian version of the future.)
  • The laser beam turns out to be the targeting device for a spacecraft landing, and it almost squishes WALL-E! He buries himself in the soil just in time for the spaceship to touch down.

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