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WALL-E Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • A door in the spacecraft opens, and a slick white robot is deposited on the ground.
  • WALL-E is enchanted by it, this iPod-like floating beauty of a 'bot.
  • It flies around scanning debris and the spaceship that brought it flies away.
  • As soon as the ship is gone, the white robot flies around so fast it breaks the sound barrier.
  • WALL-E watches the robot play, but when he accidentally knocks over a pebble, the robot pulls out a gun and blasts him.
  • When the smoke clears, WALL-E has survived by the skin of his teeth—err, the rubber of his treads.
  • WALL-E follows the robot around, and sees it interacting with the cockroach, which tickles the white robot.
  • This amuses WALL-E (who knew robots could laugh?) and when he chuckles, the robot blasts him again!
  • The white robot scans WALL-E, but emits a disappointed beep, and decides to stop trying to annihilate him.
  • WALL-E is in love.

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