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WALL-E Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Another sandstorm blows through, so WALL-E allows EVE to take shelter in his little house.
  • He shows her all his cool stuff, like his whisk, and his bubble wrap, and his Big Mouth Billy Bass (which EVE almost blows up—can you blame her?)
  • He even shows her his little Hello, Dolly! dance. When EVE dances, though, well, she's not as light-footed. She clomps around like Master P on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Her dancing is so bad, she breaks one of WALL-E's binocular eyes. Thankfully, he has a replacement and he repairs himself.
  • Finally, WALL-E shows her the plant.
  • She likes it; she really likes it. She goes a little wild, and seems to shut down into a solid egg shape, with a green light blinking on her chest.

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