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WALL-E Exploration

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One of the most exciting things about a Pixar film is getting to explore a familiar world but from a different perspective. Toy Story showed us the secret lives of toys. A Bug's Life brought us up close and personal with a bunch of not-so-creepy crawlies. And Finding Nemo took us under the sea. (Ariel must have been on vacation.)

WALL-E has us explore the whole planet Earth and its surroundings. In contrast to these other films, WALL-E zooms out, way out, letting us explore not just a post-apocalyptic Earth (WALL-E zooms out on the timeline too, taking us into the 29th century) but space itself.

Questions About Exploration

  1. How is Earth at the beginning of WALL-E different than the Earth you know? What do you learn about Earth as you ride along with WALL-E? What does he learn?
  2. Is the Axiom what you expected it would be? What do you learn about the Axiom as you travel through it with WALL-E?
  3. Are you surprised the Captain wants to return to Earth even though he has no concrete idea what it actually looks like?

Chew on This

Both WALL-E and EVE spend their days looking for something, but they never expect to find each other.

WALL-E doesn't know anything about space. He has the same level of wonder about space that he has regarding all the trinkets he finds on Earth. He just wants to take it all in.

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