Foolishness and Folly

Littering and pollution is a serious problem that we don't exactly take seriously. Just check out this commercial from 1977 where Woodsy the Owl implores us to "Give a Hoot! Don't Pollute!"

And where is Woodsy the Owl in 2777? Dead, that's where, along with pretty much everything else on Earth… because human beings ruined it with our excess and garbage. Perhaps if people had stopped thinking conservation was silly and started taking it seriously, they never would have gotten into this mess. We suggest a new, harder-hitting slogan: "Give a Hoot! Stop Being so Dang Nasty and Lazy and Just Pick Up After Yourselves, You Shortsighted Jerks. Now, Was That So Hard?"

We hope it catches on (even though it doesn't rhyme).

Questions About Foolishness and Folly

  1. Why don't humans take care of the planet? Why don't they take the threat to the environment seriously? Do you think they give up too soon?
  2. Why are the humans aboard the Axiom content with floating in space for seven centuries? Do you think they ever considered returning to Earth just to check on things themselves?
  3. Will humanity take care of Earth this time, or will they return to their lazy ways?

Chew on This

The human beings in WALL-E don't just act foolish; they look it. They're huge, with tiny little hands and feet, and completely helpless. They look like babies. No wonder they need robots to save the day.

WALL-E is a little foolish too, honestly, with his blind devotion to EVE even though she doesn't care for him at all until almost the end of the movie.

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